Episode 371 – Phillip Gagnon, CEO 3 Data Pulse

Phillip Gagnon is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry and the founder of Three Data Pulse, a company dedicated to enhancing the three pillars of successful brokerages: recruiting, retention, and agent productivity. Gagnon believes that AI can play a crucial role in improving real estate operations and decision-making. His perspective is shaped by…

Episode 367 – Rachel Kilmer, ReeceNichols Real Estate

Rachel Kilmer is a successful real estate agent with Reese Nichols Real Estate in Kansas City, Missouri. With a background in sports and a previous desire to become a social worker, Rachel found her calling in the real estate industry. She gained recognition by winning a contest held by the Kansas City Chiefs, which allowed her to be a sideline reporter for a day. Rachel’s experience in video production and her involvement in marketing and social media have contributed to her success in the real estate business. She emphasizes the importance of doing what you’re good at and enjoying it, rather than following trends that may cause anxiety. Rachel values teamwork and provides support to her team members, including an operations manager who handles paperwork and marketing. She is active on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, where she can be contacted.

Episode 359 – Short Cuts with David Marine, Chief Marketing Office. Coldwell Banker

The podcast episode explores the growing interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in real estate and the need for agents to embrace its potential applications. It features David Marine, the chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker, discussing the successful rebranding efforts of the company and the positive impact it had on changing people’s perception. The conversation also touches on personnel changes, upcoming events featuring Shaquille O’Neal, and the partnership between Coldwell Banker and Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football. The discussion emphasizes the importance of storytelling in creating a compelling brand and highlights the role of technology, particularly AI, in the real estate industry. It provides insights into the challenges and successes of rebranding and showcases the broader perspectives and interests of the individuals involved.