Episode 360 – Russell Shaw – Russell and Wendy Shaw Group, Realty One Group

Description: In this podcast episode, Bill Risser and Russell Shaw delve into the fascinating world of real estate and career success. They explore the evolution of Phoenix real estate, from a small town to a bustling metropolis. Shaw’s unconventional career path from selling life insurance to comedy and then real estate is also discussed. The…

Episode 356 – Short Cuts with Katie Day, Team Lead for MoveMeToTX Team, powered by Real Broker LLC

n this episode of Real Estate Sessions, Bill Risser and Katie Day catch up since the last episode 18 months ago and discuss the importance of video content for their business and the impact of technology on the real estate industry. They conclude that technology will not replace agents, but will help them become more efficient. Additionally, they discuss the importance of creating experiences for their children and Katie’s plans to attend the Tom Ferry Summit in Dallas.

Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Barb Betts, Owner/Broker – The RECollective

Do you want a steady stream of repeat and referral business? Bill Risser introduces Barb Betts, the Owner and CEO of The RECollective. Barb shares how building a real estate business through relationships is her primary focus. Even until now, she still receives referrals from the internet leads she met 20 years ago. That is why real…

Episode 335 – Jay O’Brien, Co-Founder and Chief Day Maker – Client Giant

If you are obsessed with cold marketing and promotion because you believe it’s the only feasible way to help your business grow in today’s times, think again. The guest for this episode, Jay O’Brien, built an undefeatable real estate empire without any of that, thus breaking age-old myths with the principles of hard work and sincerity. Investing generously and gratefully in his existing customers from the beginning of his real estate career, Jay realized the massive growth he could achieve just through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing – and all he had to do was to respect and reward loyalty. As Client Giant’s Founder and Chief Day Maker, Jay helps “business professionals deepen relationships with their existing clients and partners to drive unparalleled repeat and referral business.”