Episode 365 – Luke Carl – The Short Term Shop, powered by eXp Realty

Luke Carl, a dedicated advocate for short-term rentals in real estate investment, is the driving force behind The Short Term Shop. Working alongside his wife and partner, Avery Carl, Luke has built an impressive team of agents and has gained a deep understanding of the industry, despite not being a real estate agent himself. Luke firmly believes in the unique benefits of short-term rentals, such as the ability for investors to use the property themselves, create family memories, and enjoy the property during the off-season. He also emphasizes the importance of providing high-quality properties and being a good landlord, as he believes this can lead to increased wealth. Luke acknowledges the role of platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo in facilitating short-term rentals and appreciates their marketing efforts. Join Bill Risser as he delves deeper into Luke Carl’s perspective on short-term rentals in real estate investment in this episode of The Real Estate Sessions podcast.

Episode 329 Katie Kossev, Owner/CEO The Kossev Group

From Livermore to Texas and broadcast journalism to real estate investing, Katie Kossev’s career has seen game-changing pivots. But irrespective of the events, Katie has thrived, learning, and turning all the shifts and pivots into life-altering experiences. Interestingly, this real estate winner was introduced to real estate by chance.  It happened when her best friend from…