Episode 370 – Sharran Srivatsaa, President – REAL Brokerage, LLC

Sharran Srivatsaa, President of REAL Brokerage, LLC, is a distinguished real estate entrepreneur and advocate for employee ownership, who has a unique perspective shaped by his personal journey from India. His perspective on real estate entrepreneurship, mindset, and employee ownership is deeply rooted in the power of partnership and collaboration, as evidenced by his strong…

Episode 338 – Rick DeLuca, Regional Owner at EXIT Realty

Rick is a US Navy veteran who also worked with law enforcement – a position he felt completely out-of-place with – before venturing into real estate. Though joining the Navy was never a conscious choice, it taught him a bunch of lessons on responsibility, discipline, and honesty, which he uses in his life and business even after becoming a real estate investor today.

Episode 335 – Jay O’Brien, Co-Founder and Chief Day Maker – Client Giant

If you are obsessed with cold marketing and promotion because you believe it’s the only feasible way to help your business grow in today’s times, think again. The guest for this episode, Jay O’Brien, built an undefeatable real estate empire without any of that, thus breaking age-old myths with the principles of hard work and sincerity. Investing generously and gratefully in his existing customers from the beginning of his real estate career, Jay realized the massive growth he could achieve just through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing – and all he had to do was to respect and reward loyalty. As Client Giant’s Founder and Chief Day Maker, Jay helps “business professionals deepen relationships with their existing clients and partners to drive unparalleled repeat and referral business.”

Episode 308 – Eleni Sommerschield, COO – Wise Agent

  Customer relationship management is very important in real estate. Organizing your database and customers can be very tiring, which is why CRM tools are a must! And Wise Agent is a CRM tool for all realtors out there. Join Bill Risser as he talks to its COO, Eleni Sommerschield. She gives agents the information…