Episode 356 – Short Cuts with Katie Day, Team Lead for MoveMeToTX Team, powered by Real Broker LLC

n this episode of Real Estate Sessions, Bill Risser and Katie Day catch up since the last episode 18 months ago and discuss the importance of video content for their business and the impact of technology on the real estate industry. They conclude that technology will not replace agents, but will help them become more efficient. Additionally, they discuss the importance of creating experiences for their children and Katie’s plans to attend the Tom Ferry Summit in Dallas.

Episode 331 – Karin Carr, REAL Brokerage and Warren Dow, Savvy Card

Episode 331 – Karin Carr and Warren Dow Have you yet noticed that a significant part of running your real estate business involves marketing?  Organic or inorganic. Cold emails or phone calls. Tech or traditional. Though the channels are varied, the purpose is to generate more contacts: contacts that not only visit but also convert.…