Episode 248 – 5th Anniversary Episode – Bill and Sean Carpenter Reminisce About the First Five Years

Episode Summary:

This week’s episode of the Real Estate Sessions Podcast is quite different from the usual episodes. This week, I celebrate my fifth anniversary of the Real Estate Sessions Podcast! Joined by my friend, Sean Carpenter, who has been on the show several times now and was one of the first original guests on the show.

In this episode, join Sean and me as we reminisce on some of the most significant guests, the best advice for those getting started, and some of the technological changes that have benefited the podcast productions over the years. Having listened to every episode, Sean makes a great addition to reflect on how the podcast has adapted with the times while staying true to its original purpose. Listen in to hear some of the greatest stories shared over the years and some advice to potential future podcasters!

Top Takeaways: 

  • Bill’s Favorite Pieces of Advice for New Agents
  • “Matt Beall’s [advice] is amazing. It’s to meditate. Learn how to focus because you need to focus on what you do. That ability to clear your thoughts, whatever happens, happens.” [19:33]
  • “Jeff Sibbach. I talk about his [advice] all the time. His was to go see 200 homes in the first 30 days of the business. When I say that to realtors and broker-owners, they always go wow that’s a great idea. You have a ton of time, why not see what the market looks like. The more market data you have, the better. Knowing what people value on a property, knowing what the prices look like, and eventually, it would be so cool to track that and see what they sold for.” [20:05]

“Build relationships, solve problems, and have fun.” – Sean Carpenter [06:05]

“I’m going to be transparent here; I’m asking questions that I want to know. If people want to come along for the ride good for them.” – Bill Risser [23:39]

Episode Highlights:

[00:09] Intro

[00:25] Start of the Podcast

[01:08Meet Sean Carpenter—Let’s Reminisce

[02:29Bill’s reason for starting The Real Estate Confessions

[03:24] Focusing on learning about the guest

[06:38How Bill picks future guests

[09:59Must-Listen Episodes

[11:29] Repeat guests on the show

[14:36] Why did you pick Jay Thompson first?

[16:15Wide variety of guests

[19:22Bill’s favorite advice given to agents

[22:36] Evolution of the technology since starting the podcast

[27:01] Bill’s dream guests

[28:10] New Website Launching Soon!

[28:54Bill’s advice to new podcasters

[30:21] Closing Thoughts

[30:46] Outro

Episode Notes: 

When starting the podcast, I never could have imagined that I would be making my 248th episode and be celebrating my fifth anniversary of the Real Estate Sessions Podcast. It’s been so much fun, I have learned so much from my guests, and have connected with some truly great people. I see no end in sight as I love learning more about the guests I have on the show! In this episode, I wanted to reminisce about some of my favorite guests, some of the best advice on the show, and how the podcast continued to grow to be better as we go along.

I found that there were very few podcasts out there that focused on the guest’s story, and since then, even more, real estate podcasts have been created. They tend to focus on only one practical aspect, and I wanted a podcast that was more about the actual person on the episode. I enjoy spending time figuring out what the guest’s life was pre-real estate and how they ended up in the industry.

I have had a wide variety of guests on the show over the years. Nine CEOs of local or state associations, eleven CEOs of tech companies, sixteen founders of companies, ten people in the marketing side of real estate, thirty-nine broker-owners, and eighty-three realtors! I have found that the most interesting to me is the broker-owners as they have to get to a place in their lives where they made that leap to leave the relative safety of working for a company to run their own broker company.

There have been over 246 answers to the questions of what advice you would give to an agent just starting in the business, and a few have stuck out to me. Matt Beall’s is to meditate. You must learn how to focus because you need to focus on what you do every day. Having the ability to clear your thoughts and know that whatever happens, happens is truly great advice. Jeff Sibbach’s information that I give the most is to go see 200 homes in the first 30 days of being a realtor. When you start, you have a lot of time, so why not go and see what the market looks like—the more market data you have, the better. Knowing what people value on a property and what the prices look like in your area can be extremely beneficial to your start as a realtor.

The most common answer to the question though, is to get a mentor. It’s incredibly important, if not critical, to have somebody to help support and walk you down your path. Sean shares some answers, such as knowing your numbers, knowing the market, and sticking to a schedule. My advice to young podcasters is that if you’re passionate about what you are doing and love what you are doing, you will be consistent and continue the journey. I love finding out more and more about people, and that’s what keeps me going on The Real Estate Sessions Podcast!

Resources Mentioned:

The Adam Carolla Show.

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