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Episode 271 – Heather and Steve Ostrom, Coldwell Banker Realty

Episode Summary:

Today, our guests are a power couple based in Roseville, California, where they assist home sellers and home buyers in their real estate journey. Heather and Steve Ostrom, Realtors at Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, are based in the Sacramento area. 

In this episode, join Heather, Steve, and me as we discuss area-focused real estate marketing tactics’ success and how the couple initially teamed up. We also discuss the power of answering your phone and some of the pitfalls that real estate agents encounter. 

Top Takeaways: 

Heather and Steve’s Advice for New Agents

“Don’t be afraid to say no because you’re saying yes to something great. Keep on trying everything. Mindset, stay strong and reach out for help. This business is absolutely wonderful and filled with great people – seek them out to help you.” 

“Mine is everything works. Whatever you do, it works. You just have to find out what you’re good at. Try it all and find out what works for you.” 

“I didn’t see a lot of people doing a lot of online but the buyer behaviors and the client behaviors they were already trying to research people online. At that time, there weren’t a lot of people doing videos or blogging. We all knew each other.” – Heather Ostrom [12:47

“If leadership guides as something to care and nurture for, I feel like it catches on with the agents. It’s always kind of elevated our game that we’re doing, then we can, because we have the right people and the right places.” – Heather Ostrom [16:00]

Episode Highlights:

[00:18] Intro

[00:45] Meet Heather and Steve Ostrom – Northern California Power Couple

[02:21] Where Heather and Steve Come From 

[04:51] The Toughest Sport That No One Knows About

[06:42] How Heather Met Steve in Tahoe 

[09:56] Strong Family-Focused Communities of Roseville and Rocklin

[12:03] The Catalyst to Becoming a Work Duo 

[14:08] Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere at Coldwell Banker 

[16:17] The Power of Inman 

[19:12] Area-Based Marketing in Real Estate 

[23:35] Successful Business in Fishing and Being Available 

[28:41] The Pitfalls Agents Should Look Out For 

[31:24] Heather and Steve’s Advice for New Agents 

[32:07] Connect with Heather and Steve 

[32:22] Closing Thoughts 

[32:46] Outro

Episode Notes: 

Today, joining us are Heather and Steve Ostrom, two realtors who bring sales and marketing expertise to the Sacramento, California area. While Steve Ostrom oversees all the negotiations and primarily works in the field with buyers and sellers, Heather Ostrom offers graphic design and marketing skills to manage all print and online marketing and communications. 

Both based in California, Steve grew up in a San Diego suburb, attending the University of Southern California, where his focus was Communications. Heather, originally from Arizona, moved to the Sacramento area and spent most of her life in the Roseville area, just south of Sacramento. Heather Ostrom attended California State University, receiving her degree in Communications focusing on Graphic Design. 

The couple describes the Roseville and Rocklin area as a family-focused suburban community that experiences the seasons. One of the marketing tactics the duo credits as a gamechanger was using a domain name for their company website. Listening to the client’s feedback, Heather and Steve Ostrom learned to take an area-based marketing approach to their real estate profession, allowing their work to reflect the community that they are representing. In a competitive market, the couple has perfected their listings, allowing them to take and refer clients when needed. 

When asked about the pitfalls fellow agents should look out for, Heather Ostrom shares that the best thing to do is stay positive. If you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to another person to start the positive self-talk. Steve Ostrom shares that you must learn to be okay with rejection and not obsess over it but instead keep working towards your goals. 

Steve’s advice to new agents is to find what works for you by trying it all and finding out where you excel. Heather’s advice to new agents is not to be afraid to say no because you could be saying yes to something great. Keeping on trying everything, stay strong, and maintain a positive mindset!

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