Episode 327 – Christina Pappas, President – Florida Realtors and Vice President, The Keyes Company

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Did you know that relationship-building is, if not the most, then ONE of the most essential skills a Realtor must possess?

Christina Pappas, our guest for today’s episode, is a third-generation Realtor, 2022 President of Florida Realtors, and Vice President at The Keyes Family of Companies, the legacy real-estate business founded by Ken Keyes in 1926. Joining us at the Florida Realtors 2022 Real Estate Bar Camp today (with a couple of hundred members in the audience!), she speaks about the importance of relationship-building and knowledge transition in the real estate world, reminiscing how it has helped her garner the success she has today.

With the Keyes Family of Companies nearing its 100th anniversary in three and a half years, Christina also takes us back to her time discovering her love for the hospitality sector, venturing into real estate, volunteering to give back to the industry, and becoming the Vice President of the family business. Christina emphasizes that the real estate industry thrives on community and relationship-building, expressing that giving back is not just a good option but a responsibility and necessity. She says, “Realtors build communities, and we need communities to sell something. If we don’t have a community, and we don’t have something to build on, we don’t have anywhere for people to move.” 

You’ll also learn her take on buying and selling with international clients, the changes (if any) brought in by the real estate pandemic, and why Realtors always need to prepare for changing market conditions.

Success clues:

● Why should you engage in volunteering as a Realtor? Because real estate is a community business, you need a community to stay relevant and sell.

● Real estate is always a shifting market. You must prepare for changes every day.

● As a Realtor, you’re also responsible for educating your consumer about what’s happening in the market. 

● It is vital to understand customer motivation before suggesting buying or selling options to them.

● To succeed in the industry, find yourself a mentor and someone else who’s at the same point in terms of progress as you. While a mentor will help you climb the success ladder quicker, a fellow realtor will be able to motivate you and help you understand that the process takes time and that you’re doing well.

● The pandemic has made us more connected globally. While real estate in Florida always meant plenty of international buyers, the process has become more accessible to many since the pandemic.

Meet The Guest!

Christina Pappas is the 2022 President at Florida Realtors and VP, The Keyes Company

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●     Instagram: @cm_pappas

●     Twitter: @cm_pappas

●     Facebook: @Christina Pappas

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