Episode 343 – Short Cuts with Phil Sexton, Episode 144 – June 8, 2018

Another quick hit to catch up with a guest from the past. Phil Sexton was last on in June 2018.

I ask Phil about the best thing to happen since then, what’s the last thing he broke on his Ford Raptor while off-roading, what’s next for the Sexton’s and lastly, What has his interest right now in the world of real estate.

It’s a fun chat and Phil is as funny as ever, Cheers!

The Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Enlai Chu, Founder, Productive App

  The Productive App will prepare you for the call before you even answer the call. This app is really useful, especially in real estate, because of all the little details you can have in your calls. The Productive Call Assistant will take notes for you and remind you of all the important info. Join Bill Risser…

Episode 341 – Jeremias “JMan” Maneiro, Speaker, Emcee, REALTOR

Hone in on your creativity and keep yourself industry-updated always, says my guest for today’s episode of Real Estate Sessions, Jman Maneiro. Going from trade jobs like tooling and machining to sales and eventually real estate, one thing that kept Jman moving and winning. Being creative and up-to-date about the happenings around his industry helped JMan grab the right opportunities as they came to shape his career positively.