Episode 303 – Jay Thompson, Selectively Retired

In this episode, Jay Thompson, my guest, was the first guest to be interviewed at the beginning of the podcast in 2015. Jay is a “retired” Real Estate agent and broker currently based in Texas.

In this episode, I sit with Jay as we reminisce on some points from the first episode of the podcast, discuss highlights from Jay’s selective retirement, and note significant developments in recent times in the Real Estate industry.

Episode 302 – Nate Joens, Co-Founder – Structurely

Episode Summary: Meet today’s guest, Nate Joens, Co-Founder of “Structurely,” a technology company that builds AI based out of Ames, Iowa. Nate also grew up in Des Moines, Iowa. In this episode, I sit with Nate, discussing how to use AI in Real Estate, benefits and particular areas of functionality, and future expectations for AI in…

Episode 299 – Natalia Karayaneva, CEO – Propy

Meet our guest in this episode, Natalia Karayaneva, the CEO of Propy, a Silicon Valley startup automating real estate transactions.

In this episode, I chat with Natalia, who grew up in Russia. She was able to emigrate to Bulgaria and started her first company, a website development firm, at the age of 19. She obtained her Master’s in Sustainable Urban Development from Oxford.

Natalia covers the founding of Propy and how her real estate platform can bring the world of cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and the blockchain to all aspects of real estate transactions.