Episode 289 – Amy Ransdell, CMO – REVA Global

For Episode 289, I venture into the world of virtual assistants with Amy Ransdell, CMO of REVA Global. More and more Realtors are harnessing the power of virtual assistants. As Amy points out, 90% of agent work involves the phone or the computer. A large portion of these tasks can be handled by a VA.…

Randing and Raving #16

This week, when are you furthering the conversation and when are you a one-upper? Joe shares his thoughts on this dilemma.

Episode 288 – Erinn Nobel, Chief Cultural Officer, REAL

Episode Summary: Introducing today’s guest, Erinn Nobel, the Chief Cultural Officer at Real, a national brokerage founded in 2012. Born in Anchorage, Alaska, she now makes Bellingham, Washington, her home. In this episode, I sit with Erinn as she discusses how she got into real estate and the changing trends in brokerage models that will redefine…

Randing and Raving #15

This week, we get a special call from outside the United States. What country could it be? You will have to listen to find out.

Episode 287 – Kristina Cusick – Owner/Broker, Town&Parish Realty

Episode Summary: Meet our guest, Kristina Cusick, Broker/Owner at Town & Parish Realty. Her company is located in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Area, where she lives, although born and raised partially in Daytona Beach, Florida. In this episode, I sit with Kristina as she talks about life in Baton Rouge and the great features there to…