Real Estate Session Rewind – Katie Kossev – CEO/Owner, The Kossev Group

From Livermore to Texas and broadcast journalism to real estate investing, Katie Kossev’s career has seen game-changing pivots. But irrespective of the events, Katie has thrived, learning, and turning all the shifts and pivots into life-altering experiences.

Interestingly, this real estate winner was introduced to real estate by chance.  It happened when her best friend from radio days wanted to try out real estate – they decided to do it together. They got their real estate licenses, and her friend, then a mom of three, went full-time with it soon. Katie, however, worked a day job and juggled it on the side before finally deciding to pursue it full-time.

In her career spanning more than a decade in the industry, Katie has moved from employee to business owner and is now a renowned speaker too. She sits with Bill in this episode to reveal the exciting and essential bits from her real estate career for anyone starting or experienced in the industry. Katie also gets into the best parts about being a real estate investor and, most importantly, being a co-real estate business owner with your husband. The most valuable advice she gives away is cultivating the zest for learning and growth, being ready for rejection, not believing in the “fake lives” showcased on social media, and believing in who you are.

Please tune in for a candid chat with Katie today as she gives a 360-degree look into her professional journey and how she goes hand in hand with her personal life.

Success clues: 

● Changes and pivots are sometimes too challenging. Katie shares how she decided to move from Intero, her company, for nine years, deciding to take the next step in her career. 

● Finding your expertise is important. Katie realizes and accepts that delegating isn’t for her and works as a team with her husband. 

 ● Social media is too powerful to ignore in recent times. In a business like real estate especially, your goal often involves being a magnet to people, showing them your skills and abilities, and convincing them to work with you, meaning you have to put in the effort to make yourself accessible to people. 

● Accountability is an essential skill to build for an entrepreneur. 

Meet The Guest!

Katie Kossev is an experienced real estate investor and the CEO/Owner of The Kossev Group. She is also a keynote speaker, event emcee/host, and business development consultant and strategist. 

Time Stamps 

[00:00] Sneak peek 

[00:22] Intro [00:54] Meet Katie Kossev 

[01:36] Admin to human departments: How Katie’s world has changed over the years 

[03:31] Katie’s FAMILY and background, moving from Livermore to Texas [04:55] The near-traumatic experience of moving to Texas when in EIGHTH GRADE, a crucial period of life 

[06:04] Something most of us DON’T know about Houston 

[07:49] How traveling to Galveston has been for Katie and Bill 

[08:42] Studying at the Sam Houston State University, her mother’s EMPTY NEST syndrome, and finding interest in broadcast journalism [09:47] Katie’s CAREER PLANS when starting and how that has come out to be over time 

[11:34] Katie’s advent into the real estate space with her friend Laura [13:28] Fighting people’s NEGATIVE OPINIONS to move forward and succeed in real estate 

[15:06] The two stints Katie’s had with two brokerages and her journey to creating the real estate empire she has now 

[17:51] Moving from Intero to Compass, taking up new roles and responsibilities, and later on working as a TEAM with her husband 

[21:06] The SELLING PART of real estate

[23:57] The decision to choose Michigan for real estate and how it birthed from her love for travel 

[26:21] How consulting, managing, and helping look like for Katie at her company 

[28:52] Working with teams and why TEAM SKILLS are essential in real estate 

[30:46] How Katie met Brad Inman 

[33:24] Preparing for her life after her daughter has to leave home for school 

[36:23] “Smile more and screw the crow’s feet.” 

[37:34] Katie’s ADVICE for real estate agents just getting started in the industry 

[38:27] How to REACH Katie Connect with Katie 

● LinkedIn: @katiekossev 

● Twitter: @katiekossev 

● Facebook: @katiekossev 

Bill RIsser, Bill Risser

Bill has been producing The Real Estate Sessions Podcast since July 2015. Passionate about learning the backstories of Industry Leaders, Bill seeks out established professionals as well as up and coming stars in real estate.

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