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Authenticity, no doubt, is a transformative life value. But have you ever thought of it as a necessary skill for a real estate agent?


Meet Ashley Houseman, the Team Leader at Ohana Homes – Houseman Team Powered by eXp Realty, on the podcast today. After nearly 18 years of crushing it in the real estate game, Ashley attributes a large part of her success to her unique and authentic approach to business. A third-generation realtor, Ashley was pursuing marketing in junior college and was headed to real estate just like her elders did, preparing herself for the greater responsibilities that may come. What she didn’t know then was how she would gain a strong liking for her job as she progressed, which has since taken her enormously forward in her career.


During her conversation with Bill, Ashley touches on the many significant parts of her personal and professional life, including her Florida life as a mom of three, her serious interest in sports in her earlier days, and the values she abides by for ever-lasting success. She also discusses her experience working with and leaving Coldwell Banker, the nation’s largest residential real estate brokerage company, and the lessons the period taught her. Listen in!


Success clues:


●     Ashley swears by authenticity for success in real estate. In her words, “try to be different, take a different approach to real estate, instead of saying– hey, look at my new listing that hits the market. Find a really cool aspect of it, and highlight that.” It all boils down to uniqueness that stems from authenticity.

●     Relationship-building is incredibly important in your career, especially in real estate. Ashley makes sure to spend time with her clients and followers, which includes sending birthday emails to every member of her 8000-person sphere!

●     In today’s normalizing markets, finding yourself a good mentor is essential. You’ve got to find your tribe, find good people who’d help you with the fundamentals and allow you to succeed in your journey.

●     Make the best use of social media, not just by posting and interacting regularly, but by posting authentic, valuable, and noteworthy content and making sure to use the platforms to connect with your people.



Meet The Guest!


Ashley Houseman is a renowned realtor with nearly 18 years of experience in the real estate industry. She is currently the team leader at Ohana Homes – HOUSEman Team brokered by eXp Realty.


Time Stamps




[01:18] Meet Ashley Inman


[04:41] Breaking the biggest misconception people have about Florida


[07:04] Family life: the experience of bringing up her 3 children in Florida


[08:41The sport that paved Ashley’s way to FAU


[09:54] Life as a scholarship athlete on campus


[10:54] High school and sports influence


[11:39] Why Ashley says she’s had the biggest and best brothers on campus


[13:51] The real estate connection and building a liking for the industry


[15:41] The first brokerage Ashley worked for


[16:54The training and leadership that made Ashley’s experience in Coldwell banker awesome


[17:39] Quitting Coldwell Baker and what’s in store for Ashley’s career: 18 years in real estate


[18:37The transition into motherhood after birth


[19:29] The skills you need to succeed in real estate


[21:57The importance of being authentic in your personal and professional life


[22:53] How to maintain real-estate relationships authentically


[25:43The “softening” or “normalization” of the real-estate market


[27:44] One piece of advice for real-estate agents getting started


[28:54How to connect with Ashley



Connect with Ashley


●     LinkedIn:

●     Instagram: @brokerexclusive

●     Twitter: @brokerexclusive

●     Facebook: @HousemanAndCo

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