Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Joe Rand and Randing and Raving

TRES 319 | Real Estate

Another Real Estate Sessions Rewind as I continue my Holiday break.

Will wonders never cease? Will Joe ever fail to rant about any question? This week, a national speaker, Sean Carpenter, gets the Rand Treatment and his question answered on Episode 11 of Randing and Raving.

Remember, you can all in at 480 270-4590 and leave a question on any topic for Joe. Real Estate or non-Real Estate questions are welcome.

The much talked about Joe Rand books are available on Amazon:

Disruptors, Discounters and Doubters

How to Be A Great Real Estate Agent

Bill RIsser, Bill Risser

Bill has been producing The Real Estate Sessions Podcast since July 2015. Passionate about learning the backstories of Industry Leaders, Bill seeks out established professionals as well as up and coming stars in real estate.

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