Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Karin Carr – Georgia Coast Homes Team Leader Brokered by REAL Broker, LLC

Episode 202 features Karin Carr of Savannah, Georgia. Karin has created a tremendous business focusing on video. The content she creates is designed to help her be found organically as people are searching for area information. Listen in as Karin shows you it can be easy to create video!

01:50 – Starting at the beginning – Where did Karin grow up?


02:25 – Why the University of Utah?


03:55 – Why opera?


08:00 – Has Karin ever surprised people with her singing ability?


09:25 – How did real estate enter the picture?


12:45 – When did video become a part of Karin’s strategy?


14:40 – Was video tough at the beginning?


16:05 – Other than the I hate the way I look and sound, what are the biggest objections to using video?


18:00 – Was there someone that helped Karin during her video journey?


19:30 – How does Karin distribute her video?


20:20 – Any tips to help people generate energy on video?


22:20 – Is it easier than ever to be found organically?


24:20 – What 3 types of video do you recommend for a beginner?


27:50 – Are referrals from other agents a by-product of video?


28:45 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?


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Bill RIsser, Bill Risser

Bill has been producing The Real Estate Sessions Podcast since July 2015. Passionate about learning the backstories of Industry Leaders, Bill seeks out established professionals as well as up and coming stars in real estate.

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