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Episode 223 – Melissa Case, Manager, Social Community, Campaigns and Content at Citrix

We visit a member of the from back in the mid-2000’s Melissa was an agent for 5 years, then started her own company, HoneyBee Consulting. Melissa is a skilled content creator with Citrix and shares her knowledge for agents in today’s online world. I’m particularly fond of Melissa’s defense of the English language, especially on Twitter!  


Melissa Case is a master of social media. Her journey to her present role as manager of social community, campaigns, and content for the software company, Citrix— has been paved with success. Success owed largely to her strong writing and English background. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sessions, Melissa shares advice that will help you better utilize social media as a real estate agent. We talk in-depth about writing and Melissa highlights ways you can elevate the quality and impact of your content by changing your approach. 

“I don’t think it’s ever too late to be a blogger. I mean, there are- I think- there’s a ton of worth to blogging and you can use your own website or something like Medium, which is a wonderful platform. I love it. You know you want to have thought leadership material. Why  is it that you deserve people’s business.” – Melissa Case


Top Takeaways:

  • Melissa Case’s Advice for New Agents:


  1. Be diligent and fearless in your pursuits.
  2. Don’t try to write the way you think you’re supposed to write.


“If you are writing in a way that is different from the way everybody else is doing it, then people are going to notice notice what you’re doing, because there are so many people who do things cookie-cutter, so don’t do that.” – Melissa Case

  • Melissa Case on Real Estate Social Media:


  • The content you put out and where you’re putting it is dependent on who you’re trying to reach. 
  • Know you can’t use ALL the platforms. Unless you’ve got a massive marketing budget, find which ones you’re best at and keep it at it.

“ So, find the one area that you like, and the thing that you are good at and do that. And as long as you’re consistent with it, you know, I think that’s the key to it.”. -Melissa Case

Episode Highlights:


  • [00:43] Intro 
  • [02:59] What Melissa does at Citrix.
  • [03:56] Melissa’s background and education.
  • [07:52] The start of her career.
  • [09:05] Her real-estate beginnings.
  • [10:21] How Her Firm, Honey-Bee Consulting Came to be.
  • [12:21] Melissa’s take on outsourcing and underpaying.
  • [14:17] Melissa’s favorite social media platforms. 
  • [15:341] 2008 v.s 2020- What’s changed? 
  • [18:53] What kind of content should realtors be producing?
  • [20:28] Is it too late to start blogging in real estate?
  • [21:31] Melissa’s take on video content and live streaming.
  • [23:16] Working with different types of budgets
  • [26:03] Melissa’s top pet peeves 
  • [28:44] Melissa’s advice for new agents
  • [29:45] Contacting Melissa  
  • [29:45] Outro  

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