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Episode 278 – Lynn Johnson, Founder – My Southern View Team


Episode 278: 



Episode Summary:

Meet our guest for today, Lynn Johnson, a business-minded entrepreneur from North Carolina who runs the “My Southern View Real Estate Team.”

In this episode, I sit with Lynn. She introduces Rayleigh Durham, North Carolina, sparing no effort to describe the features unique to this environment from a Real Estate perspective and address other Real Estate-related issues.

Top Takeaways: 

“It’s always been a deep-rooted love for Real Estate and all things related, for me.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

“When I was a teacher, my biggest idea was you’ve got to reach’em before you can teach’em.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

“I just want to establish a relationship and start from there because that’s what lays the true foundation for a good working and business relationship.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

“I don’t want to be a manager of people…I want people to want to work and love what they do because that’s what I do.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

“You’ve got to want it to make it happen for your clients.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

“Loving on people and having those good relationships is the foundation for any successful business. If you love on your people, and you show how much they mean to you, then they’re going to show you how much they respect you and you mean to them in return.”

– [Lynn Johnson]

Episode Highlights:

[00:32] Intro

[01:13] Introducing today’s guest, Lynn Johnson.

[06:15] Why should we be in Rayleigh Durham, North Carolina?

[13:25] Was Real Estate always the plan for you?

[21:31] What does it look like in the future for “My Southern View“?

[24:38] Talk about the importance of the connections you have built through that community.

[27:03] Lynn discusses business today, especially with the Pandemic.

[33:10] What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just getting started?

[34:05] How to contact Lynn

[35:18] Outro

Episode Notes: 

Bill starts by appreciating Lynn’s accent and her background in North Carolina, which she admits is a plus since she has always lived there and is well informed about Real Estate in the area.

Lynn talks about the Raleigh Durham area of North Carolina, highlighting one of the landscape’s critical qualities. She describes the features, including the mountains, the Piedmont region, and the beach. She also notes the provision for sports such as the hockey team.

Also of note is the Research Triangle area, which has had massive development, with more ongoing. The beach is mainly a center of attraction, a number one place for people to retire, and a choice location for movie producers shooting such scenery.

Another point of interest is the Campbell University in North Carolina, where she studied. Lynn explains that she got a scholarship to the university based on her interest in cheerleading and accepted it, mainly because of the campus’s proximity, even though she got into other schools. Over time, the university has grown tremendously, accommodating the medical school, law school, pharmacy school, a football team, some of which weren’t there during her stay.

In high school, Lynn had wanted to be an architect, but following a desire to give back, she decided to be a teacher, which she did for a year after graduating from the university. She was then introduced to Real Estate. There are certain gigs that people have before becoming a Realtor, notably Bartending and Teaching; Bill points out that these gigs build qualities like listening and patience which make for a good Real Estate agent. 

Building relationships before initiating business transactions are also emphasized as Lynn employs her methods used in teaching. “You’ve got to reach’em before you can teach’em.” Her background in family studies and other life skills also contributed immensely to her work in Real Estate.

Lynn describes her team and explains that the name’s motive was to reflect Real Estate from a southern perspective. Also, she had intentionally avoided using her name as the team name to allow for members’ individuality while sharing a common Real Estate goal. She also shares that she doesn’t see the team getting bigger because of the difficulty with managing people, and she would instead focus on leveraging the business better.

Lynn shares that the real estate business was considered essential in North Carolina during the pandemic lockdown, although standard safe health practices were fully implemented. However, the current state of the market is best described as “the hunger games,” and Lynn explains that this may leave agents who lack the grit by the wayside.

The cost of due diligence seems to be a growing problem as it scares off first-time homebuyers; the Real Estate Commission may have to get involved to even the playing field. Meanwhile, the plan, for now, is to ride the wave and hold on. 


For New Real Estate Agents: Focus and love on your people. When you have that first client and build that relationship with them, you love on them so much that they’re going to love you in return and send business your way. Loving on her clients is how Lynn runs her business with a 100% referral system.

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