Episode 330 – Vija Williams, Head of Industry, PLACE

Contrary to popular opinion, second-generation realtors tend to avoid the path their parents took, as Vija Williams, our guest for today’s episode, did. 

As a political science + English major and a pre-law student, Vija was always on track with her attorney dream. She didn’t want to be a realtor. And after landing a prized internship at the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office, this dream of hers solidified. Eventually, Vija began to LOVE the job role, but it only lasted until she realized her brain was not wired for stuff like this. During this period, she started to get into real estate – and the rest, as they say, is history.

In today’s episode of Real Estate Sessions, Vija talks about her fearless journey to real estate, getting over the inhibition of venturing into the industry, the biggest misconception around it, the pandemic’s role in bringing massive changes in the industry, and how to succeed in it. Vija also talks about her personal story and interests, including her love for travel. She chased it despite the odds and her experience as the co-founder of Her Best Life. Listen in!

Success clues:

● Follow your gut. When Vija realized her brain wasn’t wired for this, she decided to trust the feeling and dive into real estate instead.

● Communication and failure are two things Vija feels necessary to talk about.

● The advice and tips offered by experienced professionals are unparalleled.

● Bouncing back to good business post-COVID is challenging but is possible with a solid mindset and grit.

Meet The Guest!

Vija Williams is the Head of Industry for PLACE, an all-in-one real estate platform that provides technology and business services. PLACE currently supports and partners with agents and teams from a variety of brokerage brands all across the US and Canada in over 100 unique markets. 

Time Stamps

[00:00] Sneak peek

[00:31] Intro

[01:05] Meet Vija Williams

[01:46] Life as a fifth-generation Washingtonian

[02:39] The most significant misconception people have about real estate

[04:00] Getting back to the real estate business as we approach the end of the pandemic 

[06:33] The decision to go to Westmont college

[09:31] Entering the real estate space

[18:22] The experience of being co-founder oh Her Best Life

[21:41] Vija on balancing time and effort for your professional achievement

[25:14] Will technology ever replace Realtors?

[29:53] How to REACH Vija

Connect with Vija

     ● LinkedIn: @vijawilliams

     ● Instagram: @viavija

     ● Facebook: @vijawilliams

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