Episode 335 – Jay O’Brien, Co-Founder and Chief Day Maker – Client Giant

If you are obsessed with cold marketing and promotion because you believe it’s the only feasible way to help your business grow in today’s times, think again. The guest for this episode, Jay O’Brien, built an undefeatable real estate empire without any of that, thus breaking age-old myths with the principles of hard work and sincerity. Investing generously and gratefully in his existing customers from the beginning of his real estate career, Jay realized the massive growth he could achieve just through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing – and all he had to do was to respect and reward loyalty. As Client Giant’s Founder and Chief Day Maker, Jay helps “business professionals deepen relationships with their existing clients and partners to drive unparalleled repeat and referral business.”

In this episode, he looks back at his work life – which began at just nine years old when he started working for free! As a Type A personality, Jay recollects wanting to work because he was “addicted to it.” From working at a video rental shop, Jay took up a catering job at 14, attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration, and later worked at Best Buy. He finally took a job in corporate America in 2010. The last one showed him what he did not want to do – and helped him realize he wanted to “create his own job” instead of working for someone else, which he did. Joining RE/MAX Prestige in 2011 and Client Grant in 2018, Jay has become a force in the real estate world, impressing every aspiring realtor with his mode of working – which always has customers in the driving seat.

Jay shares his willingness to spend $1000 on a client who helped him make a $10,000 commission, which most people wouldn’t do. He’ll teach you to look at things from a macro level to realize why simple gestures like sending personalized gifts and messages to clients could benefit your business incredibly. Listen up for an unbelievably insightful conversation on real estate success today!

Success clues:

● Do not blindly do something because someone else achieved success that way. Every one of our stories is different; every one of our times is different. When times change, it’s only sustainable to test the waters yourself and do what ends up working for you.

● If you’re not a door-knocking person, don’t knock. Find something that’s effective for you and feels comfortable for you.

● Throw yourself into the fire sooner rather than later because you’ll never be prepared enough for anything. The endless webinars, training, and trials won’t get you anywhere unless you put your foot into the water.

● It is through uncomfortable conversations and challenges that you grow in your career. Be ready to face them. 

Meet The Guest!

Jay O’Brien is the Co-Founder and Chief Day Maker at Client Giant. This company helps business professionals deepen relationships with existing clients and partners to drive unparalleled repeat and referral business. 

Time Stamps

[00:00] Sneak peek

[00:43] Intro

[01:16] Meet Jay O’Brien

[03:22] Jay’s interest in golf

[03:57] The best part about living in Orange County, South California

[05:46] Jay talks about being a Type A personality and being addicted to working since nine years old

[08:48] Realizing his innate desire to “create a job” for himself

[11:48] Imposter syndrome + identifying his strengths to make his business defensible

[18:11] Jay’s first time doing a panel and how it grew into Client Giant

[19:35] Some clever marketing tips inspired by Jay

[20:55] How Jay’s business grew despite never spending any money on cold marketing

[22:52Thinking on a macro level to scale your profits and run a robust business

[23:44] What Client Giant does and how it has grown from being just a client-care automated system

[26:16] Jay’s “Top-of-mind Plus” tip for client retention

[28:04] Client Giant’s success stories

[31:23No one ever went broke from giving

[32:07] The solution to saving your business during downtime is not abandoning your customers

[33:52] One piece of advice for real estate agents getting started

[36:14] How to connect with Jay

[36:53Special Client Giant offers for the Real Estate Sessions Podcast listeners

Connect with Jay

●     LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chiefdaymaker

●     Website: https://www.clientgiant.com

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