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Dani Vanderboegh is a distinguished journalist and advocate in the real estate sector, currently serving as the service editor at Inman. With a background in writing and journalism, and a master’s degree from the Missouri School of Journalism, Vanderboegh has significantly influenced real estate journalism and advocacy. Her role at Inman involves transforming industry news into serviceable content for readers, aiding them in their business operations. Vanderboegh’s Real Tea column, which cleverly intertwines real estate and reality TV, has gained considerable popularity, offering a unique and entertaining viewpoint on the industry. Despite personal challenges, including being wheelchair-bound since 19, Vanderboegh’s determination and resilience have led to remarkable professional and personal achievements. Join Bill Risser as he hosts Dani Vanderboegh in the upcoming episode of The Real Estate Sessions podcast, where they delve deeper into her impactful journey in real estate journalism and advocacy.

(00:00:22) “My job is to figure out how we can take what’s going on in the industry, what’s going on in the news, and make it serviceable for the reader to use that information in their business.” – Dani Vanderboegh

(00:02:56) “Our super loud politicians don’t necessarily echo the sentiments of the entire state.” – Dani Vanderboegh

(00:12:07) “I think that there’s this misconception that you’re in a wheelchair now. You can’t do any of the things that you did before, and your life is virtually over. And that happened when I was 19. And since then, I’ve had a career, stopped that career, got my master’s degree, started a new career. I’m scuba dive certified. I’ve done a half marathon. I’ve had a baby. There’s very little that I feel like I haven’t accomplished. It just doesn’t look the same way as it did when I was 19.” – Dani Vanderboegh

(00:20:50) “When I had my daughter, she was premature. She came at 26 weeks and four days, so it was just over six months, and I did not have a ton of vacation time saved up. And they allowed my coworkers to donate time so that I wouldn’t be working a whole lot of time. And he donated something like 180 hours so that I would get paid while I was taking care of my daughter in the NICIA.” – Dani Vanderboegh

(00:31:18) “There’s so many people who just can’t they feel they can’t talk about it. There’s contracts with Nar, there’s contracts with other know, when you look at cases like this outside of real estate, there’s often a hefty sum paid out and there’s usually non disclosures involved and there’s a bajillion reasons that women aren’t able to speak about these abuses.” – Dani Vanderboegh

(00:35:06) “Create content. And by content. I don’t mean vanity content. I mean content that will help your clients through the process, that will help them know who you are and what you do to help them. And then the second part of that is push it out to the world. Make sure you’re on the socials pushing out your content, showing the value you offer, and really just double down on doing those things. Make video, make articles. Push it out there. Get your face out there. Be the realtor they know.” – Dani Vanderboegh

Dani Vanderboegh is a highly accomplished journalist and advocate in the field of real estate. As the service editor at Inman, she has made a significant impact on real estate journalism and advocacy. With eight years of experience at Inman, Dani is responsible for handling service journalism related to the real estate industry. Despite facing challenges, including being in a wheelchair since the age of 19, Dani has achieved remarkable success in her career. She holds a master’s degree in journalism from the prestigious Missouri School of Journalism and has a background in writing and journalism. Dani’s determination and resilience have not only led to professional accomplishments but also personal achievements, such as becoming a mother and completing a half marathon. Her dedication to her work and her ability to overcome obstacles make her a true inspiration in the field of real estate journalism and advocacy.

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