Episode 368 – Short Cut with Andrew Flachner, President – RealScout

Andrew Flachner, President of RealScout, has dedicated his career to enhancing agent-client relationships in the real estate industry. Flachner has seen firsthand the challenges of maintaining relevant contact with everyone in a real estate agent’s database. He believes that while AI has transformative potential, the focus should be on the core of a product or service and its ability to solve problems and assist agents, rather than simply boasting about AI capabilities. His company, RealScout, is committed to re-centering agents in the consumer experience and providing tools for collaboration. Join Bill Risser and Andrew Flachner on this Short Cuts episode of The Real Estate Sessions podcast to learn more about his unique perspective and innovative solutions.

(00:01:23) RealScout: Enhancing Agent-Client Collaboration

(00:06:46) RealScout’s Collaborative Agent Experience

(00:09:13) Revolutionary Real Scout Pro Plus Upgrade

(00:15:04) RealScout’s Rapid Growth and Agent Empowerment


(00:00:00) “It’s difficult to maintain contact and relevant contact with everyone in your database frequently enough.” – Andrew Flachner

(00:05:06) “But one of the things that we’re learning is that if you are struggling to generate new business in a slow market, there is a huge asset that you’re probably ignoring, and that is your database, that is your CRM. And so everything that we’ve been building and announcing as of late is all geared around how to help agents take this asset and help extract dividends from it.” – Andrew Flachner

(00:11:54) “In terms of AI, I might have a contrarian perspective here. AI is absolutely transformative and I use it in one way or another almost every day. However, in real estate, I have seen a lot of what I’ll call brochureware, where you can see a lot of people talking a big game about AI.” – Andrew Flachner

(00:14:22) “The core of what makes an iPhone, an iPhone or iOS, iOS is not AI, AI helps run it, it helps make it a great product, but it is not the product.” – Andrew Flachner

00:01:23 – Special occasions

Special occasions like Valentine’s Day and daylight savings have traditionally been used by real estate agents to stay in touch with their clients. Andrew Flachner, the founder of RealScout, acknowledges the challenge of maintaining contact with everyone in a database. In the past, agents would send Valentine’s Day cards and daylight savings reminders to increase touch points. However, Flachner believes there is now a better way, and that’s where RealScout comes in. Real Scout aims to empower the relationship between agents and clients by providing a platform for collaboration and relevant touch points. This helps agents extract dividends from their database and improve their online reputation and visibility.

00:06:46 – RealScout’s mission

RealScout, founded in May 2012, aims to put agents back at the center of the consumer experience. While national portals have helped agents at the top of the funnel, RealScout provides a safe haven for collaboration between agents and clients once they start working together. The company recently launched RealScout Pro Plus, which includes buyer and seller nurture features, as well as a flagship feature called auto nurture that automatically nurtures everyone in an agent’s database. RealScout also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) in their platform, but founder Andrew emphasizes the importance of realistic expectations and thorough testing before fully embracing AI in real estate. The core of Real Scout’s success lies in their vision and problem-solving abilities to benefit agents.

00:09:13 – RealScout’s Pro Plus version

RealScout recently launched Pro Plus, their largest platform upgrade in over a decade. This new version not only nurtures buyers, but also potential sellers in an agent’s database. One standout feature is the home value alert, which provides homeowners with an estimate of their home’s worth from Zillow and another automated valuation model. Agents have seen a high return on investment and potential sellers reaching out for more information. Additionally, RealScout Pro Plus includes auto nurture, which automatically nurtures everyone in an agent’s database, making it easier to extract value from their existing asset. Overall, Real Scout’s Pro Plus revolutionizes the way agents interact with clients and helps them grow their business in a tough market.

00:15:04 – Growth of RealScout

RealScout, founded in May 2012, has experienced remarkable growth over the past eleven years. The company’s mission is to prioritize agents and put them back at the center of the consumer experience. While national portals assist agents at the top of the funnel, RealScout recognized the need for different tools to support agents and clients once they start working together. RealScout aims to provide a safe haven for collaboration, empowering the relationship between agents and clients. Despite the market slowing down, RealScout continues to grow rapidly as agents and teams rely on the platform to expand their businesses. The company’s focus is on supporting this growth and enhancing features like auto nurture to help agents convert clients at any stage of their lifecycle.

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