Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Missy Bentley, eXp Realty

Our guest today is a very resourceful and accomplished individual who strives to help and teach others. Joining us is Missy Bentley, a realtor with EXP Realty in Evansville, Indiana. Missy is an avid sports fan, places a strong emphasis on relationships, and has a deep love for Twitter. Missy has over 16 years of experience in sales, marketing, and media, which she uses to her advantage to help better her community. 

In this episode, join Missy and me to find out why relationships are the key to success and how Missy believes we all can learn something beneficial from one another. We also discuss the benefits of using Twitter to grow in knowledge and connections and what has worked and not worked in the world of the 2020 real estate industry. 

Top Takeaways: 

  • Missy Bentley’s Advice for New Agents 
  • “I would say don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. I feel like so many in the real estate industry take everything so seriously and it’s a serious business but at the same time, you have got to have fun!”

“I’ve always had the heart of a teacher since I was a little kid and now, I’m finally in a position where I’m finally able to work with agents who might need a little help in social media. Having been a managing broker, I know the ends and outs of a brokerage. It’s really nice to take the younger, or newer, agents under my wing and showing them how things should be done. Put the client first rather than themselves.” – Missy Bentley [20:13]

“The one thing that I do like is I think the COVID world kind of forced everybody’s hand. I think realtors have done a really good job of adapting to the industry changes. You and I are in the tech industry aside from real estate, so we knew the changes were coming. I feel like the COVID world kind of sped those changes up and overnight realtors had to change their business. I think for the most part, everybody has been really supportive of each other and really encouraging to try to move the industry forward which has been much needed for quite some time.” – Missy Bentley [26:19]

Episode Highlights:

[00:26] Intro

[00:52Meet Missy Bentley – Twitter Savvy Midwesterner 

[02:10] The World of Racing 

[04:33] Small Town Feel in Evansville 

[07:37] Tri-State Sports Team Loyalty 

[09:56] Attending the University of Tennessee 

[12:53] Falling into Radio by Chance 

[15:57Always Having a Foot in the Real Estate World 

[17:13] Transitioning to Full-Time Real Estate 

[19:00] Love It EVV Contributions and Many Accomplishments 

[20:45The Beauty of Twitter 

[25:56What’s Right and Wrong in the Industry in 2020

[32:12Missy’s Advice for New Agents 

[33:07] Connect with Missy 

[33:34] Closing Thoughts 

[34:05] Outro 

Episode Notes: 

Joining us today is Missy Bentley, a realtor with EXP Realty. Missy resides in Evansville, Indiana, known as the Tri-State Area of Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois. The area is close to many major cities such as Cincinnati, St. Louis, Nashville, Indianapolis, and Louisville. Missy initially did not begin in real estate. Instead, she attended the University of Tennessee, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education with a behavior modification specialization. She admits that this degree comes in handy in the real estate world. 

After graduation, Missy went on to work as a teacher but found herself landing on the radio by chance, where she became a morning radio host. Missy shares that she has been in real estate since she went back to school to complete her Master’s degree, where she had a friend who owned a local brokerage that needed help. Soon after being signed on as the receptionist, Missy ended up getting her real estate license and had been dabbling in the real estate world since the late nineties. Missy eventually went full-time into real estate after not having the desire to move states to be on a new morning show with her co-hosts. 

Missy Bentley is a writer, consultant, realtor, trainer, and even standup comedian. Missy shares that she has the heart of a teacher and feels she is finally in a position where she can work with other agents who may need some help with social media or managing a broker. Some of the ways that Missy provides this teaching and consulting is done using Twitter. She shares the benefits that Twitter can have for small-town realtors when staying ahead of the curve on the latest information. 

When questioned on what she believes is right and wrong in the real estate industry in 2020, Missy shares that COVID has forced realtors to adapt to industry changes; with the pandemic, tech use for realtors has had many realtors changing their business overnight. She also hopes that the industry begins to see that there are talented, smart, and forward-thinking agents in the middle of the county in smaller markets by giving them more opportunities to shine. 

Missy Bentley’s advice to new agents is not to be afraid to laugh at yourself. Missy believes that too often in the real estate agency, everything is taken so seriously. While real estate is a serious business, it is also essential to have fun with it as it makes the difference!





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