Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Rick DeLuca, Regional Owner – EXIT Realty

You think you can beat your competitors by simply offering more services than they do to their customers, right? But that’s until you hear this conversation with Rick on the Real Estate Sessions podcast today. In his words, “Don’t fool yourself for a minute to think you’re gonna do more than the average agent and everything in real estate.” Instead, offer little but offer it best. Do what you can with sincerity, responsibility, and discipline.


Rick is a US Navy veteran who also worked with law enforcement – a position he felt completely out-of-place with – before venturing into real estate. Though joining the Navy was never a conscious choice, it taught him a bunch of lessons on responsibility, discipline, and honesty, which he uses in his life and business even after becoming a real estate investor today.


In today’s episode, Rick explains what he’s learned about real estate investing, including marketing analysis, work habit creation, customer service, and the huge importance of confidence in the industry. He reaffirms that the whole real estate market could bring down your confidence at times, and that what you need to do then is anything that would gain you your real self back. You’ll learn about Rick’s foolproof 4 BASIC stats to know about the state of the market at any given time, among other things. Tune in to hear more about it!


Success Clues:


  1. If the markets go down, the first message you need to do is to learn about the market status thoroughly. You can’t just kind of go with your gut.
  2. Your company’s service department is more important than its sales wing.
  3. Your presentation matters as much as your work in real estate. Make sure it’s a good one!
  4. Do anything you can to maintain your confidence as a real estate agent. It’s the first thing you need to be successful here.



Meet The Guest!


Rick DeLuca is a Western Regional Owner at EXIT Realty. He has owned the Rick DeLuca Seminars for 34 years now!



Time Stamps


[00:24] Intro


[01:03] Meet Rick Deluca


[02:07] Rick’s experience growing up in LA


[06:49] Rick’s experience serving in the Navy


[08:04] Getting into the Navy – Rick recollects how mature/ informed he was about his job and its relevance when starting


[10:23] On deciding to do something different and how the decision turned out


[12:19] Getting into law enforcement (becoming a detective at 27) and then into real estate: the journey


[17:03] Why your service department is more important than the sales department


[17:54Achieving success in real estate + the factors that enabled him to do that


[20:02] The toughest part about a hot market is if you’re not careful, you’ll end up creating bad work habits.


[21:24] Do more than the average agent after identifying what the average agent does


[23:32] Rick says the quality of your listing presentation, or the physical packaging of your presentation matters incredibly in your real estate deals. The higher the quality, the higher the perceived value of the content and the sender (you).


[24:41] Delivering your listening presentation to the client’s place of employment rather than their home


[25:42] Rick’s period working as a trainer/coach/educator


[26:50] Getting national recognition for high company productivity


[28:31] Do fewer things than most agents do but do whatever you do, well


[30:14] The number one thing that happens in the real estate market is it wreaks havoc on your confidence

Bill RIsser, Bill Risser

Bill has been producing The Real Estate Sessions Podcast since July 2015. Passionate about learning the backstories of Industry Leaders, Bill seeks out established professionals as well as up and coming stars in real estate.

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